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Welcome to Middlesex Interiors! We are a local company based in Dracut MA specializing in construction for the healthcare industry. Led by Tim Lepine, president, and Keith Beauregard, vice president and general manager of operations, Middlesex Interiors focuses on remodels, new construction and retrofits for large commercial healthcare buildings, including hospitals and medical centers.

Established in 2004, we bring more than 30 years of experience to the table when it comes to the healthcare construction industry. Serving the Boston area only, we mainly work with large hospitals such as Boston Medical Center. We are well-versed in all safety procedures to ensure minimal patient disruption during construction; for example, minimizing vibrations that could adversely impact patient care.

Specilizing in Healthcare Construction/ Annual Revenue: $12-18 Million

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Value-Based Services

Being in the healthcare construction business, we focus our talent on addressing core care elements that ensure long-term innovation, collaboration and functionality. Today's healthcare providers are transitioning from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model - one that demands innovative healthcare construction in order to support patient outcomes and overall population health management.

A Transitioning Field

As a result, clinics and hospitals are now being structured to help patients move toward healthier lifestyles. We ensure facilities can support impactful care that focuses on getting - and keeping -- patients healthy. We put uninterrupted patient care, easy access, safety and durability at the forefront.

To learn more about us, or to book our services, please contact Middlesex Interiors at 978-957-2500.

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